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Recently attended PrattMWP in New York as a Communication Design major in Illustration, Hailey is now a graphic designer and has a business which includes: art commissions, organizing workshops, country-wide art shows, managing finances, and drinking coffee to help. Starting out as a drawer and painter, she intends to further her art career and build her knowledge in film, illustration and writing.



Helena High School - Helena, MT

(Graduated 2017)

GPA 3.66


PrattMWP - Utica, NY

Communications Design - Illustrator


GPA 3.83


Montana State University - Bozeman, MT

Graphic Design Major




Freelance Artist/Commissioner - Helena, MT    

(2014 - present)

    -Create and sell art

    -Organize self art shows

    -Meet and collaborate with clients

    -Manage business


Jimmy Johns Employee - Helena, MT

(2 years work experience)

    -Prepared food

    -Clean store

    -Took calls and managed orders

    -Restocked Items

    -Customer service


City of Helena Event Worker - Helena, MT


    -Set up event

    -Sold tickets



    -Tore down

Randash Auto Graphic Designer - Bozeman, MT


    -Poster Design

    -Motion Graphics

    -Design and Layout


    -Art Advertising



Huckleberry Days Whitefish Festival - Whitefish, MT

(2017, 2018, and 2019) 

Sweet Pea Festival - Bozeman, MT

(2017 and 2018)

Imagine Designs Showing - Helena, MT

(2014 and 2016)

Fall Art Walk - Helena, MT


Holter Museum of Art, HHS Show - Helena, MT

(2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017)

National Peace Poster Contest - United States

District Governor Certificate of Appreciation. First place in District 37N


Sweet Pea Festival Poster Contest - Helena, MT


Munson William Procter Freshmen Art Show - Utica, NY


Munson William Proctor Sophomore Art Show - Utica, NY


Sophomore Art Exhibition - Utica, NY


Farmers Market - Helena, MT

(2014, 2015)

Typoday Poster Contest - Utica, NY


4-H Fine Arts Exhibition - Helena, MT

(2013, 2014, 2015)

LightSpaceTime Art Contest - Online competition

First place selection


Smash in the Square Art Exhibition - Denver, CO




Understanding in using the Adobe suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, and After Effects. Experienced traditional painter. Experience in researching and analysing for projects. Collaborates with businesses for projects and shows. Writer. Experience in photography. Resourceful. Works with client communication. Worked with business sales and art shows for the past few years. Freelance artist. Committed to a project when given one. History with dealing with customer propositions. Planner and organizer. Art enthusiast. Taught art lessons for kids. Face painted for a fundraiser.


Anonymous Book - Campus Confession Book

(2019) Created by collecting confessions and thoughts of my peers in PrattMWP campus and then drew illustrations with each and published it through Blurb Printing. 


Utica Proud Article - Tram Cafe Article / Utica, NY

(2019) Wrote the article, designed the layout, created the illustrations, interviewed the owners, and took the pictures to produce the finished product that would be printing in the Utican Newspaper 


ReBranding Project - PrattMWP Rebrand / Utica, NY

(2019) Partook in a rebrand project of our college and campus to boost the name and overall appearance of the school with a new look, logo, title, icons, webpages, animations, interactive media, and social media. 


Children's Book Illustrator - Jason DeShaw / Montana

(2019) Jason Deshaw, a western singer and author of this Children’s book, commissioned me to design the Illustrations for his book Destined. I used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Watercolor Medium.

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