As a child, Hailey has been drawing and creating, even at the extent of drawing all over her parents walls in sharpie. Whether it be vivid landscapes, wildlife, mysterious people or images that look like they are from a strange fantasy, she captures a moment in time so she can pass the story on to others. Her pictures tell an unknown tale in every image so it doesn't start and end the whole book but leaves the ending up to her viewers. Hailey loves a picture that leaves an untold atmosphere, making you crave for more of the story. Hailey plans to travel and capture moments in the ever-spinning world and its people, animals and places, seen or unseen. She uses her talent on canvas or paper to recreate the untamed world for others to see through her and their own eyes. Hailey  recently attended Pratt in New York to further her art career and build her other interests in graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, film, photography, and writing.

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